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The Importance of Having Barrier and Life Safety Drawings for your Facility

Having barrier and life safety drawings is becoming a necessity. Why is that so? How does it help? What is the importance of having these drawings for your organization? Such are the questions commonly answered by the vendors. Keeping the recent situations in view where any unexpected thing can take place due to the complexity in working and infinite desire to cross any hurdle and achieve the best, having these drawings have become essential. 

Before we jump to the importance of these services, let’s have a clear idea about it.

Barrier and life safety drawings – When are they needed?

For a company or an organization it is difficult to set aside a certain budget for an additional service. With the advent of services like developmental plans, annual assessment service, architecture survey as well as accreditation compliance it has become a tough to decide that whether your organization needs it or not.
Among the providers who deliver this service exceptionally we have TSIG Consulting, Inc. It is a private corporation with its root in the domain of architecture, development of systems and accreditation compliance. It is among the outstanding corporations which delivers the best facilities to a healthcare institute. 

Healthcare institute on the top of the list:

When the list of organizations or buildings which require this service is viewed, we can see that healthcare institutes are at the top of the list. TSIG Consulting, a company with 40 professionals, serves the healthcare institute to improve their existing plans and provide expert consultation in various fields. Barrier and life safety drawings are among the most in demand services nowadays and why wouldn’t they be? They are the ultimate source of facilitation of the institute.

The procedure to be followed:

Many of those institute owners who aren’t using this advanced service question its need. For them we have mentioned ahead the importance of how this barrier and life safety drawings system can help their institute.  

Once you are in contact with the Life safety code expert of TSIG Consulting, he’ll deliver information from the main notion of the company to the services it provides as well as how this particular service facilitates your healthcare institute. 

The importance of barrier and life safety drawings:

  • Helps you value your patients, staff and institute:

As a health care institute owner you need to make sure your institute has the best disaster dealing and recovery setup. In case of any accident it must be able to deal with the worst and secure the best. From patients to your staff and all the medical products present in the labs and dorms of an institute are at risk in case of any emergencies. 

Thus, the cost effective Life safety drawings prove to be beneficial in cases of fire damage, electrical damage, plumbing sanitary traps, detector issues and the hazards of medical gases. 
  • A comprehensive map of the institute to meet emergencies:
When you opt for this service you’ll get a detailed and clear drawing of the areas of your institute. It would include the drawings of suites, compartments and the distance between each of them. Special things like areas of refuge, elevator/ evacuation route signal locations, thermostats and fire management system are also drawn.

In this way you can access the whole structure of your healthcare institute within minutes. While taking any stern decision of evacuation or shut down, such piece of drawings help a lot.

  • An essential requirement by senior departments:

If you don’t have a drawing yet you need to get one with TSIG Consulting. Barrier and life safety drawings can be demanded by the joint commission for healthcare facilities as well as by the CMS (Medicare). It helps in maintaining the standards of the place. You need it to maintain the required elements.

  • An assessment of functional infrastructure:

Standardized annual assessment:

Once the drawing is made it is maintained and kept up to date over the time. With the drawing you can spot the area of destruction and take steps to repair it. For a hospital to maintain its integrity it is necessary that the patient, staff and the infrastructure there is kept safe. 

The drawings include the following:

  • Fire doors, extinguishers, alarm pull boxes
  • Fire/ smoke rated walls
  • Thermal detectors, motor control center, automatic transfer switches
  • Electrical circuit breaker panel
  • Plumbing sanitary and storm traps
  • Medical gases
  • Location of storage area
  •  Supports the financial infrastructure:

 Once you are in contract with a consultant, you can improvise the life safety drawings to make sure you finance does not crumble to dust. In case of any doubt about the destruction of an area or ineffective working of the damage control systems, it can be repaired or maintained avoiding the expenditure of money over accidental destruction.
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