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Writing REAL Content in the Digital Age

Internet traffic is important to businesses in the digital age that we live in today. You may wonder why but this is actually the key to success. High traffic flowing to your website would mean a higher sales conversion, you get to sell more of your products and services.

If you want to know how some people manage to earn a six-digit-revenue from their website, then this article is
just for you. We will teach you ways on how to write real content in the digital age. Turn your website into a profitable one in a short span of time.

1. Prioritize on clarity

When people visit your site the first question that pops in their mind is “What is this site?”. People would not want to waste their time trying to understand what they could do in a site. This is why clearly explaining what your site is for would immediately catch the attention of your target audience.

Whenever you visit a website, what do you look for?

Most people would look for:

  • What the website is about
  • It’s products/services
  • Value and differentiation
  • Interesting content

The most important part is clarity in your homepage since this is what triggers interest, this is your key to success. All your other pages should also be as clear as possible. Avoid complex words, jargons and text-filled pages. People would not read through paragraphs to know what you are offering, you need to simplify it for them in 1 sentence.

Clarity is good, but superlatives are not

This is a point that needs to be exaggerated because this is a common mistake that most people commit. Wrong advertising is using the superlatives such as “best”, “fastest”, and so on (Unless you have solid proof of it). People will not believe you. Using these would only look like a self-proclaimed opinion to most people.

Instead, use words that describe your product/service in a specific way. Here’s an example:

A tag line such as this one would seem effective:
“The best pizza in town”

You can modify this into a better and more believable one such as:
“Home made premium pizza”.

People would be pleased to hear why you are different from your competitors. Avoid making mistakes like these and you would be able to create a website with clear content, this would surely catch the attention of people that visit your website. 

2. Visuals are also important

The next step is to reel in viewers once they already have a clear idea of what your website is about. It would be good to keep in mind that first impression last. Your whole web design creates a first impression to your visitors. If you have an effective web design, you’d create a good impression. Otherwise, having an ineffective web design may draw people away from your site.

Creating a great first impression

So, how do you create a good web design? Though there are several ways on how to create an effective web design that people would like, it is important to optimize your web design to your industry. It should relate to what you sell or what your website is about. Having a news publication layout in an e-commerce website may not be a good idea.

The following are factors of an effective web design:

1.     Simplicity

“The simpler, the better”

We all live in an age where complex designs are no longer a trend. The more simple a design, the more complex it is to create it since you are basically condensing everything to make it simpler.

          2.  Relation to what you are offering

Users would value your web design if it is directly linked to what you are offering. This also avoids a lot of confusion.

         3.     User friendly

Not all people are technical and complex layouts may draw people away from your website. Keep everything simple and user friendly, just imagine your grandma browsing your site.

         4.     Brief descriptions

Text-filled pages are not a good sight. Who wants to read loads of texts to merely understand the website? No one.

         5.     Color usage

Using color can be a technique to draw a person’s attention to an object. You should try high-contrasting colors on fields where you want your visitors’ attention to go.

3. Be creative

Same is boring and unique and innovative are interesting. Being creative with your site and text layout would easily maintain your visitors’ attention and cause them to stay longer in your website. A good strategy would be providing novelty in every page of your site. Avoid using boring and similar layouts on text and descriptions. You can actually play with this one, as long as it still looks good.

Too many choices make it hard to decide

If you give a person too many choices, you might think you are creating value. But most people would take longer to decide on what to buy if you have too many choices. Sometimes some people would just give up if they can’t decide what they want. What you should do is to help them decide.

Help people decide by:

  • Reducing options
  • Creating filters
  • Emphasizing best-sellers
  • Creating categories
  • Suggest options

It is a hard task to choose from too many choices. If you would do these tips above, you would actually do your customers a favor. Not only would it save them from decision-making, you would be able to get sales faster. Of course, there are still a lot of websites that fail to realize this.

4. Create call-to-actions

Call-to-actions are simply amazing. You can indirectly command people to do something by just putting a few words to convince them. A lot of websites use these simply because they are very effective. A human mind would naturally go by default and reading texts such as “buy now”, “register now” and “send us an email immediately” would turn into action. But it is important to use these call-to-actions only when your visitors are ready.

With the use of call-to-actions, you can make people:

  • Register an account
  • Send an email
  • Purchase a product
  • Share a comment/feedback
  • Continue to the next web page
  • And do so much more

But, how can I tell if they’re ready?

Simple. Inform them of your offer first. Don’t go barging in with call-to-actions in your first line; these should be your special weapons. Save the best one for last, right? Only use call-to-actions when visitors are already educated on what you have to offer and completely understand your website’s purpose.

When used right, expect to see a great improvement in your sales. You would be able to convert more website visitors by using these magical words. Of course, make sure to use it with the other techniques mentioned above for a more effective conversion.


Creating real content in the digital age that we live in is not that hard, all you need is the right knowledge.  Make sure to make use of all the techniques that we’ve mentioned above. Continue to use them and be ready for a better statistics in this month’s report of your website.  Web content and design are important factors to success. Investing in these would reward you greatly.

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