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Business for Sale OR Start from Scratch

Almost everyone is well aware of the fact that employment wouldn’t be your ticket to becoming rich. If you have plans to travel the world, live a luxurious life, and retire early, employment wouldn’t be enough to achieve them. You need another source of income, maybe a source of income that could double or triple your lifetime savings…

We’re not saying that you should quit your job today, but try to consider investing a sizable portion of your monthly income. Instead of buying the latest gadgets and other luxurious stuff today, why not save money and buy thrice more in the future? With a continuous stream of investments at a very rewarding investment, you will get rich slowly but steadily.

Investing is a great way to achieve your financial freedom but, sadly, not everyone knows how to invest his or her money. You do have loads of choices but most of them would put your money down the drain. Try investing your money in something more concrete, visible, and safe. Business is a great option for those who want to get rich in the near future!

Invest in a business and retire early

Business is one of the most profitable investments to put your money in. Sure, some people would prefer to invest in stocks, bonds, and other investment mediums but nothing beats watching your business grow at your own hands. If you want a passive income that you have direct control over, you may opt to invest in a business of your choice.

Unlike stocks, bonds, and other similar investments, business has more factors that are under your control. You don’t need to wait months for your investment to grow – or decline. Running your own business would mean that your investment’s growth is mainly affected by how you manage and run the business.

Compared to other investments, here are some advantages of a business:

•    Automatically adjusts to inflation
•    Less prone to stock market crises
•    You get to see what’s happening to your investment first hand
•    You have the power to improve your business’ performance
•    Your investment doesn’t lie at someone else’s hand
•    You can gain capital through loans, investors, and such

Entrepreneurs and investors alike would enjoy investing in a business. Not only is it a high risk, high yield investment most of the time, you also get to use your entrepreneurial and creative skills for the benefit of the community. Of course, there are also other things to consider before investing in a business…

Business for Sale or Start from Scratch?

Is it better to buy a business for sale or start from scratch? Both are good choices and they have their own pros and cons. Before you invest in starting your own business from scratch or buying one that is for sale, make sure to analyze the pros and cons of each first. Take note that you’ll be investing your savings, so choose wisely!

Business for sale

A business for sale is a great investment. Assuming that the business is running well, you can just continue where the previous owner left off and make a few adjustments to the business plan. This is a great option for those who have little to no experience in running a business since bulk of the work and planning are basically done already.


•    Already has a business plan to follow
•    Financial statements and performance available
•    Easier to improve product or service
•    Bulk of the work has already been done
•    Work only on improving the business
•    Brand image is already established
•    Lower risk, lower yield


•    More expensive than starting from scratch
•    Limited personalization
•    Little room for creativity
•    Business model stays the same
•    Royalty payments to franchiser

Start from scratch

Starting a business from scratch requires a basic knowledge in running a business and entrepreneurship. If you do not know what you are doing, this may be a risky investment but knowing what you are doing would drastically reduce risk and make it a potentially safe business investment. Great for those who want to do all the planning and implementation!


•    More room for creativity
•    You get to choose an industry that you like
•    Less expensive than buying a business for sale
•    Flexibility
•    Apply any strategy that you wish
•    Full control of the business
•    Higher risk, higher yield


•    Requires more time and effort
•    You still need to create a business plan
•    Brand image is not yet established
•    Heavy research and analysis on product or service
•    Heavy research and analysis on target market

As you can see above, buying a business for sale and starting your own from scratch have significant differences. Most people would do well only on one kind of business but there are also some that would do well on both. It actually depends on you, and that is why you must carefully analyze your investments before putting money on them.

Invest in a franchise

What is a franchise? A franchise business is typically a preexisting business where the owners – otherwise known as “franchisers – sell the rights to use the company’s logo, name, and operational model. These can be purchased by third party investors – otherwise known as “franchisees” – interested to invest in a franchise business.

Franchises are popular investments and people with little to no experience in business prefer investing in franchises because of a tried and tested business model. Most of the popular businesses that you see are actually franchises and these businesses include McDonald’s, Starbucks, UPS, Subway, etc.

Why invest in a franchise?

If you think buying a business for sale would suit you better, then consider buying a franchise. A franchise is basically a tried and tested business plan, and often times a franchise already has a reputation among consumers. What does this mean? It means that risk is drastically reduced in a franchise, making it a wise option for investors and entrepreneur.

Here are more reasons why investing in a franchise is a wise decision:

1.    A franchise already has an established name
2.    The business model is tried and tested
3.    Get assistance from the franchiser experts and consultants
4.    Location strategies are handled by the franchiser
5.    Marketing and promotion are mainly handled by the franchiser
6.    Fast return on investment (ROI)
7.    Quality products and/or services
8.    Passive income (no need to spend tons of your time and money)

Run your own business today!

So what will it be? A business for sale or start your own from scratch? As we’ve mentioned above, there is no right or wrong answer and it all lies in what you believe you would best fit you. Make sure to choose the right one for you, and you can certainly do well if you feel good about your choice.

Take the route to wealth and financial freedom. Business is one of the few ways that can make your lifelong dreams turn into reality. Analyze the pros and cons of each choice, and we’re sure you’ll do well in the near future. You won’t regret a thing since you could live a luxurious life, retire early, and even help your loved ones in life. Become rich in the near future by investing in a business today!

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