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25 Best E-commerce Platforms

The use of internet for trading products has become easy. This system defines the word e-commerce. Keeping in consideration the demands of the global market every business firm must now have its own web store. 

What is an E-Commerce platform?

Web stores where people can buy goods and order various services online are supported by e-commerce platforms. Such platforms are provided by companies which build up software to fully satisfy the business firms by introducing each and every important and required feature in their service. Usually these best e-commerce platforms are divided into hosted or self hosted platforms.

Look for the following features:

Being a business firm owner or the CEO when you look into multiple e-commerce platforms, you might get confused. Here are some of the features which will help you pick the best e-commerce platform for your firm.  

           Look at the template and customization options
           Integration with tools already in use
           Discount codes, blogs
           Inventory management, shipping services
           Options given for products

These features along with other additional ones offered by special platforms decide how capable they are to maintain trade on the web store.

Below we have introduced 25 best e-commerce platforms which offer outstanding features and help the enterprise succeed in the global market touching the levels of great competition.

25 best e-commerce platforms:

The most common ones are as follows:

     1.      3D Cart

With a free 15 day trial and reasonable fee, this platform is used by around 1500+ store owners. They do not charge per transaction fees.

     2.      BigCommerce 
 Spend few minutes and make the most suitable and beautiful site for your firm with BigCommerce. It is one of the best hosted platforms.

     3.      Foxy Cart:

Foxy cart is the best one for developers and focuses more on checkouts and conversions. Its prices are reasonable.

     4.      Shopify:

With great explanation of every field it makes it easy for you to place your product. It offers above 100 templates and automatic tax rate calculation feature.

     5.      Sqaurespace:

By offering award winning templates it attracts customers and offers them your product in a tempting way. From known brand to local shops, this software is used by all.  

     6.      Yahoo commerce:

Serving business all around the world and still maintaining its position, it offers outstanding features and affordable service.

     7.      Weebly:

Showcase your products with an amazing user friendly interface with weebly.

     8.      Big Cartel:

Good for artists and designers. Big Cartel offers discount codes, mobile templates and free service for five products.

     9.      Store Envy:
For emerging brand sit offers independent online stores with the in demand features and easy setup.

    10.  PrestaShop:

With the workshop they offer on the way to succeed with an online store and the useful features they offer, it is impossible to not gain success with it.

    11.  MoonFruit:

It allows your web store to adjust its template according to any device making ensuring user convenience.

    12.  Magento:

Running over 240,000 online stores, this is among the most wanted e-commerce platforms. Whatever feature you want, it has them all.

    13.  Volusion:

It managed the product catalog with expertise and tenders the best to business owners owing to their team work with multiple developers and designers.

    14.  WooCommerce:

It is a word press plug in offered free of cost by the providers. Its easy to use interface makes it popular among many business firms.

    15.  NetSuite:

It brings all the good things to help expand your business. Using this platform is the sanest thing a business firm could do.

    16.  Wix:

For small and newly established businesses Wix offers cheap packages and optimum features. Visual editor and its easy setup are among its noteworthy features.

    17.  Etsy:

If you are looking for a web store to sell your antique goods and handicrafts then Etsy is your best resort. It offers professional design with great marketing potential.

    18.  Ultra Cart:

Robust and a flexible platform, serve countless brands and firms through the complete features it offers.

    19.  Zen Cart:

It is a free to download and easy to setup platform.

    20.  Ecwid:

Unlimited templates and design customization makes it favorable for use by various businesses.

    21.  OS Commerce:

Advertise your product via this site and offer your customers free and quick search options. It is free to download.

    22.  XCart:

It demand only one time fee and has automatic update feature. Xcart brings the best of your business goods to the customers.

    23.  Agora Cart:

It offers different packages to the users and add-on services which can be utilized when needed.

    24.  Cart 66:

This software allows you to work with cloud. The need of using plug-ins doesn’t rise as it offers tremendous number of features for all kinds of businesses.

    25.  JigoShop:

For all the professional workers and business owners who need a serious way to market their product can make use of this platform. It allows you to upload videos on your site.

These e-commerce platforms help in forming a web stores which make it convenient and easy for the customers to access the products. Innumerable businesses have surely gained benefit through this way.
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