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25 Great Writing Platforms in 2016 that Pays Well to their Writers

To earn via freelancing has become common these days. Not only the young generation including
students and interns but also the elder ones who are at work in the g lovmornine to come back home and pursue their hobby in the form of what they find best. From graphic designing, logo making, creating animation movies to writing content in different niches for websites or blogs is quite popular these days.

Writing can be of different types like content writing, academic writing, story writing and several other types but the question here is “Is the pay according to the effort a writer puts in his work?” Many writers who are familiar with this situation would say no which is why below are mentioned 25 great writing platforms which need writers and pay them according to the quality of provided work.

25 great writing platforms are just a click away:
Along with some brief detail given with the name of each writing platform is the link attached to that platform. All you have to do is click on the name and enjoy visiting the original writing platform website.

    1.      People per hour:

The platform works in two ways. Both workers and work providers are present on this site. If you come across any job that you find capable of doing, you can go for it by making your offer or else you can make an offer and give the price you’ll take for that respective job and people might find you themselves.

    2.      eCopyWriters:

A relatively new writing platform which offers writers jobs that they can easily do. Like every other writing platform they have multiple clients who give them work which needs to be done and they further allot the work to their writers. Every work submitted is checked by eCopyWriters and then forwarded to the client.

    3.      Zerys:

To start working on this platform you need to fill out a form and provide them your work sample. Zerys then check it, rate it and let you know the amount of money you can earn from such quality of work. Their mode of payment is via PayPal.

    4.      Articlesale:

Here you can both place your articles for sale or browse the website to find your desired niche and style article. For writers who place their articles here, the writing platform takes care of it and promotes their piece of work round the clock.

    5.      Text master:

This is one of the most flexible writing platforms which allow you to enjoy freelancing. On text master you can earn a lot of money by completing really interesting projects. To know about their rate per word, check the website by clicking on the heading above.

    6.      SmartBrief:

It is a platform which offers you a great opportunity to work according to your writing style and selects you once you have filled the online form regardless of your age, sex and other racial factors.

    7.      Student Experts:

This platform invites all the professional writers who have command over English, Journalism and other intensive domains. They demand punctual writers, criticism appreciation and a reliable internet connection to avoid any errors and issues.

    8.      Fiverr:

Fiverr is a platform for all those who want to work in any domain. Upload you $5 gig here and experience the wonders it can do. Starting from $5, a writer can earn a high amount of money from this platform.

    9.      Greenlightarticles:

Pursue your writing career from the place you are right now. Either it’s your office or your home, through this online website you can work and earn money whenever you want. Get yourself registered here and once your work is approved, you can enjoy writing for this platform.

    10.  Crowdcontent:

This is another best option that you can avail from your home. They give you ample time to complete your work making sure you have met the standards of writing they demand.

    11.  Getacopywriter:

Getacopywriter is best known for copy writing providing services. The applicant can fill the form and wait for their response. They typically reply within few days without making the writer wait for so long.

    12.  Beaconfire:

Beaconfire platform offers jobs to professionals. They hire full time workers on good pay. For further information regarding this site visit the link given above.

    13.  iwriter:

On this website you can either find an already written content on whatever topic you want or else those who are interested in writing can write content for them. If you are interested in getting a written content, this platform offers them at rates as low as $1.25 per article.

    14.  Purecontent:

Fill out some of your personal details and give information regarding your skills on this website as they take no time in hiring talented writers for the writing jobs they have in hand.

    15.  Wordgigs:

Wordgigs is eager to hire hungry writers or at least this is what they say. If you are eager to get assignment after assignment at good rates, it’s time you visit this website.

    16.  Words of worth:

No matter what kind of work you are capable of doing, words of worth organization makes sure they allot you the similar kind of task. They have clients who need regular articles, web content, sales copy, news articles and many other type of work. This firm offers a vast opportunity to writers out in the world.

    17.  Content current:

Content current offers you the liberty to work at the time at which you feel comfortable. Your chance of working at this firm is just three steps away. Visit the site and find out those 3 steps to success.

    18.  Content divas:

This is a well established writing platform with certain rules and regulation to make the writer punctual and the writing content worth the price they pay. If you are interested in getting your standards high then this writing platform is what you need. Their rates for 1000 words are up to $18 which means you have a great earning scope here.

    19.  Ultius:

This is also among the best sites for professionals. Writers are selected on the basis of the information they provide, their background, skills and the quality of their writing. If you think you are one hell of a writer, it’s your chance to prove it right.  

    20.  Distanceweb:

They offer assistance to those who are interest in creating their new website or designing several other things. For this they hire people who are capable of doing tasks they have, pay them accordingly and complete their clients work.

    21.  Ezdia:

If you are a unique content writer then this is the writing platform which can benefit you the most. Don’t worry about the payment as they make it on time. You can sign up on Ezdia and earn from $1 to $ 150 per article. The higher the quality of your work is the better you can earn from your written piece.

    22.  Cracked:

This website runs on the principle of providing the writers great opportunity to express their words on different niches. They support writers so that they can do better. The website is full of links to other articles showing the quality and standard of writing they require. Best of luck getting job here!

    23.  Guideposts:

All of you who are good at writing stories and have experienced the ups and downs of life have a great chance to share their story on guideposts. They’ll not only publish your true story on their magazine but also pay you for the story you submit them. All serious writers who have a professional writing style can gain benefit from this website and earn as much money as they want. Remember, no compromise is to be made on the quality of the work.

    24.  Scary mommy:

      All the moms out there who take care of their children and know how to be a role model for them can now share their tips and parenting style via this website and earn around $100 by staying at their place. All the instructions regarding the format to be followed and the writing style that is required is given on the link we have attached above with the heading. Even those people who know a great deal about parenting can submit their articles on this writing platform.

So far we have found this writing platform to be the most generous of all but this doesn’t mean they’ll take any random piece of writing. This place is for those who wish to raise their standards by offering a really great piece of work. You can submit your work on this site easily. Either you write in first person or in the third person style; one thing is to be made sure that your article must revolve around the world of food and travel.

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