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10 Unorthodox Strategies to Boost Your B2B Campaign on LinkedIn

A recent survey of almost 2,000 B2B marketers said that the LinkedIn is the most reliable marketing channel. LinkedIn is much better for conversion and networking than Twitter and Facebook. Planning LinkedIn strategy for B2B businesses creates a reputation in the eyes of professionals than other social networking sites, and keeps a best channel for business storytelling. 

Advertising firms, including Mod Girl’s team of digital marketersuse these LinkedIn strategies to get the most bangs for client buck out of their LinkedIn B2B marketing efforts.

B2B marketers have been trying to crack the code for B2B success. With all these millions of professionals in one place, surely there’s some way to open up the floodgates to leads, isn’t there?

And, yes, there is a way to open up the floodgates to success. The conventional LinkedIn advice isn’t detailed enough: 1) Join. 2) Be active. 3) Get leads. What?! So, what does one actually do?

Sure, you might accidentally catch a few falling leads, but in order to really win you need to do your own prospecting, LinkedIn style. How do you cut through the gaggle of job seekers, and find the qualified people to do business with?

In this article, I’m going to show you 10 strategies that will help you better influence LinkedIn to be a powerful B2B marketing tool.

1. Better to experience with a LinkedIn premium

First make an attractive profile after searching other LinkedIn stars then go with premium LinkedIn services to move your business in to next step.

If you have extra budget of $59.99 a month, use LinkedIn’s 30-day trial premium membership a whirl. With this you will be able to approach advance level of search for leads,

You can check the detailed profiles of everyone on the site,

Abruptly send email to 10 – 25 people away from your network, and see who has viewed your profile form the past 90 days. 


Another sale plan of ($79.99/month), here you’ll also get custom lead suggestions and sales insights. According to Fast Companyyou should consider the upgrade if you’re looking to enlarge your business set of connections, land a job, recruit talent, or sales generation.

2. How significant is to use that attractive profile?

In my views how can we do business has changed significantly. Currently people are purchasing into people first, then your company and finally your product. You should have the best product but if they don’t have interest in yourself, they will not come into that new business connection purchase your product or check your service. It’s as easy as that.

Similar to these Stars of LinkedIn world the absolute profile is when you search someone’s name on Google, their LinkedIn profile will rank higher in search than company website or blog. This is the excellent way to make your profile which help to boost LinkedIn strategy for b2b business.

The issue is that majority are check profile just to check resume. I call this approach the in and out approach instead of the out and in approach.

Rather than thinking internally on what you should put in your summary, job experience, heading etc you should instead think about the top challenges and objections your clients are facing and build a personal brand around that so that when your clients read your profile they see that you understand them and have a solution to offer.

In this fast paced world your first impression could be your best or last.

Add your voice

The most appealing thing in the LinkedIn strategies for B2B is to spread the voice of your business. Everyone has a personal style, way they talk or do things, and your profile should reflect your voice, quirks, and personal style, it’s what makes you memorable. Want your profile come up more often and for the right searches? Here are some tips from LinkedIn on adding the right keywords to your profile.

After adding your business message and set-up all the important factors which will be compulsory in every entrepreneur profile then go ahead with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail services.

3. Reach out directly to influencers through Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail ease things for email marketers with the limits of traditional email marketing and generate more leads by conveying highly modified and related content to members when they’re already connected on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn’s 45+ pilot customers, including Cisco, Salesforce, the University of Southern California and Wisconsin School of Business, the consequences have been satisfying, with many seeing a 2-3X raise in performance, on average when matched up to the prior product.

For this segment Dan discussed about How to Use LinkedIn InMail to Reach out to other related profiles. To listen to this portion of the interview with Dan Sherman here.

Some of their important factors are:
  • On-time Active Delivery:
A system that raise open rates and leads by getting future customers only when they’re on LinkedIn with 100% deliverability
  • Mobile Friendly Templates:
Constant calls-to-action that generate more conversions by creating its simpler for members to view and take action when screening on a mobile device
  • Efficiently Targeting Potential:
Targeting constraints such as company size, industry, job purpose, superiority and others facilitate marketers to reach the right prospects with precision

Now a day’s businesses are using Sponsored InMail services to achieve their objectives, including boosting sale conversions with targeted product and service promotions, running webinar and yourself event registration, and driving leads through content like whitepapers and eBooks.

InMail is a part of the fabric of the LinkedIn experience. The fresh augmentation will make it a superior performing channel for marketers while growing the value and overall experience for LinkedIn members. 

Creating Showcase page in LinkedIn is the best way to shine your new venture, let’s discuss what it is for Showcase Page.

4. Creating Showcase Page is best for LinkedIn Business growth

LinkedIn makes showcase pages for businesses to advertise individual brands that are extensions of the company.

Showcase pages are the best method to divide your LinkedIn inbound traffic. If you have a business page that is directly linked with your targeted audiences then you are able to make a show case page for your business.

If you want to make your company page, click “Edit” and “Create a Showcase Page.” (See complete instructions here.)

Originally, Showcase pages were custom-design just for B2Bs LinkedIn promotion to better generate leads. LinkedIn said, “It makes sense to create a Showcase Page when you want to represent a brand, business unit, or company initiative. These pages are intended develop long term relationship with a specific audience.”

Represent? Relationship? Audience? Sounds a lot like B2B marketing to me.

A Showcase page have target the sole customer segment, and provide relevant information to them. Your Showcase page gets a bigger header image, more above-the-fold update posts, and location to have a link to your company. That’s why it is different from company pages in some key ways.

A huge company like Salesforce has many Showcase pages.

Here we go with some Showcase page making tips as powerful as possible.
  • Create it conversion friendly, similar to your company page.
  • Keep the name of your page short and attractive is important thing, so it won’t be get out from the display sidebar.
  • Try to use easy and simple word that your audience will understand.
Showcase pages are another way to spread your business in to the net and generate leads of your product and services.

5. Saved Searches help you to keep active in your prospecting

When you go with the work of creating a highly exact and relevant search, you’ll have to save it.

Saved searches help you to keep active in your prospecting. You realize that just LinkedIn strategy of B2B leads isn’t a one and final activity. You have to continue the regularity in order to have a stable circle of sales.

Straightly from your higher search, go with the “Save search” selection in the upper right corner.

Finally, when you generate a saved search, not getting the exact search again, you can also setup the alerts as well.

Bear in mind that without premium subscription you haven’t get more than three searches.

6. Search and Starting Interacting with Groups

Searching for relevant people is a very comprehensive and rough approach to looking for leads. It’s a great method, but there’s another one: Groups.

When I am writing this article, I recognized 2,058,816 groups on LinkedIn. You must be quietly confident that there’s a group in your niche.

A huge way to discover masses of leads is to search for relevant groups, connect with these groups, keep some level of activity in these groups, and look after leads in that way.

Simply, you can easily find groups by using relevant niche keywords.

Searches of group does not have similar advanced features that individual or business searches have, but you can refine your search according to connection level, niche, and language.

Here are the important tips which you have to follow while searching groups:

Highly relevant:
Group should be exactly matched with your seeking target audiences.

LinkedIn prioritize those groups whom are active in their activities of daily basis. So you have to pay attention on how active those groups are in the search results. Choose groups that are “very active.”

Medium size

There is no “Perfect size” since that relies on the nature of your industry and niche. Bear in mind that you don’t want to lose your way in a vast group where no one will observe you. Don’t go with that group where few people to matter. LinkedIn permits you to become a member of 50 groups, so select carefully.

Participating in Group

LinkedIn offer a great ways of networking opportunities. Make group by yourself and get more than other.
When you join groups and getting touch with groups then you may recognize an opportunity for another group to be created. When you are the proprietor and admin of your group, you gain control and recognition in the industry. As long as you place yourself with authority and not in a sales way, you can make a place where targeted visitors and people will interact with each other. So, you should invite the right people who are relevant to you business niche and actively participating in LinkedIn activities.

7. Invite the right people to your LinkedIn groups.

Once you set up your group and ready to run, you’ll have to invite the relevant people. With a well-built core base concerned and dynamic in your groups, word about your new business group will extend like storm.
Here are the list of people which you have to invite for your group:.
  • Clients
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Influencers in your industry, such as bloggers
If you want to grow quicker or reach outside your own network then you have to go with advertising.

Self-service ads are one of the greatest ways to help increase awareness about your group. You can target exact people, demographics, and job purposes to get reliable new members (and potential leads) into your group.

Another way to promote your business in LinkedIn is through content, LinkedIn have one of the best platform to promote your content in more efficient ways than others.

8. LinkedIn is a Best Platform for Publishing Content

For your ease LinkedIn has a powerful content marketing and publishing platform. Be aware that publishing has not yet rolled out to all users.

And if you have access to publish, ensure to use this media for even more disclosure. LinkedIn members who are publishing report that they’ve experienced a lot of success. One the other hand you have to focus on daily updates and statuses to show your online LinkedIn presence.

9. 6-8 Statuses on daily basis & Shine your LinkedIn Appealing

LinkedIn is not similar to Facebook or other social networks where posting coupon for small businesses. LinkedIn is the social agreement where you should subscribe to develop your business positioning. Email at least 6 to 8 messages to extend across 6AM to 12AM to raise your company’s exposure to your followers and your 2nd’ and 3rd-level relations (i.e., the followers of your followers and their followers).

According to the survey 49.5% of LinkedIn profiles are not as completed as they would be which means they are not present in LinkedIn search. Similar to selling a house, you can’t sell your little business’ reliability and products and services except you work on its social media curbside appeal. Ensure and set-up your profile to see instant and tremendous results. 

10.  Never give-up, Stay Active in search of new Leads

Just for the presence of optimized pages and lot of LinkedIn groups, you’re not prepared for good start. It doesn’t mean that you are going to give-up and relaxing.

Keep energize your development by actively finding new prospects and competent leads by using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature.

On the peak of your LinkedIn page, see a search bar. Type the word “Advanced” next to the search box to start your deeply search.

With the help of this, you’ll definitely get target your search to job title, company, location, industry, etc. Also you can search any other group you want to join, such as alumni group, local networking groups, and more.

After you search will appear, you’ll have the chance to link with your niche matched people in search results.

Bear in mind after getting new connection you should send them a personal note that why you are connecting to them. Don’t try to sell your service in the first message or you’ll most likely get ignored. Instead, offer your new connection something helpful. Check out some examples of how to make the first introduction.
  • Ask them about their business niche.
  • Make an offer which will be helpful and valuable for them.
  • Invite them into your group.
  • Send the blog post to them which you have written recently that could help in their position.
No issue what you are sending, but make it valuable, because, no one is on LinkedIn to get sold to. You main focuses on this introduction are benefits and long term connection.

So, do you know how to make LinkedIn strategy for B2B the right way? You are not being able to use same techniques as Facebook and Twitter content in this channel, although it has the matching customers. So, if you grip the channel to dispense your leadership thought to impact your business, then you will definitely be successful. All social media platforms are different, but LinkedIn, has a separate social contract with the same customer.

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