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Search Engine Optimization: Do you Need to Grow your Organic Presence through SEO?

A question that strikes most business owners is “What is search engine optimization?”  As a business owner, is a jargon that you must know by heart. Many companies are already aware of the effectiveness of SEO strategies in today’s modern era.

So, what is search engine optimization exactly?

Well, SEO is a methodology of strategies that makes your website rank higher in the search results page when users search for certain keywords. Basically, SEO organically improves your
website’s traffic through content that meets all the factors that are in different search engines’ algorithm.

Why SEO is important?

Search engine optimization is beneficial to your business. Think of it this way, there are millions of websites in the internet and thousands of them are your competitors. How will you stand out from the crowd? Simple, use SEO and inbound marketing strategies.

SEO helps your website:

1.      Rank higher in search engines such as Google
2.      Get chosen by consumers 
3.      Receive more organic visitors
4.      Reach your target audience through keywords 
5.      Increase conversion rates

What’s great about SEO is that it works only for your target audience. Since users search for keywords in the internet, you are sure that these people are interested buyers of your goods and/or services.

“You mentioned inbound marketing. What exactly is inbound marketing?”

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing focuses on drawing users to your website. Statistics show that conversion rates are higher when users approach a business rather than the other way around.

Now that we have answered your previous question “What is search engine optimization?” you may be wondering if SEO and inbound marketing are connected. Well, guess what, they are!

Inbound marketing is the backbone of SEO

We live in an age where traditional outbound marketing is costly and outdated. Inbound marketing, however, is proven to be a cheaper and more effective strategy to use. Inbound marketing allows users to easily see your content through search engine results, external links and social media shares. The more attractive your topic, featured image and headline are, the more likely users will click to read your content.

Inbound marketing uses the following to attract consumers:

  • Blogs
  • Useful, interesting and unique content
  • Social media sharing
  • Pages

This is an easy way to rank higher in search engines such as Google since you are attracting consumers to your website. All you have to worry about is unique content that readers would surely love. You should also make your posts social media friendly. The more people that share, like and reply to your post on Facebook and Twitter, the higher search engines would rank your website.

Having a strong inbound marketing strategy would definitely increase your SEO. Google has adjusted its algorithm and stuffing keywords would no longer land you high rankings. Inbound marketing helps Google trust your website’s content and, in turn, ranking you higher in their search results page.

Investing in inbound marketing = success

Now that you have basic knowledge of SEO and inbound marketing, it is time to put them to good use. Inbound marketing is your business’ key to success. Millions of users spend more and more time in the internet daily, which makes this the perfect medium to promote your business in.

We hope you realize the importance of inbound marketing since it greatly increases your SEO. We can definitely improve your SEO by using our proven and effective inbound marketing strategies. We highly value our clients and that is why we offer only the best services to increase your website’s SEO. Contact us now and let’s plan your business’ success.
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