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LinkedIn: How to Use it for Physician Recruitment Marketing

Physician recruitment marketing on LinkedIn is a good idea? I think so? Because study demonstrates that over one million physicians in U.S. have LinkedIn profiles, plus sixteen hundred otolaryngologists and twelve hundred brain specialists. That’s productive view for a physician recruiter.

As you know better, it’s a tough market there. Physicians can be infamously static job seekers, and the lack of worth MD's is likely to rise dramatically within the next decade. So for all these causes, we advise you to add LinkedIn into your physician recruiting experience.

Here are the few recommendations on how physician recruitment marketing on LinkedIn will be an effective idea:

1. Create an Effective Profile

Now-a-days LinkedIn profile plays a vital role in any of your business. It’s a chance to put your best step forward. So instead of just making an obligatory profile, add a bunch of deliberations into it to show you as a complete professional.

Once you setup your profile, begin networking! Reach everyone you’ve had an optimistic business link and add them as a contact. Once your network grows, write individual recommendations for present or past mates and clients you respect. They’ll be positive to return the kindness, and your profile seems more compelling. You can also exchange for expert endorsements. That’s how LinkedIn is pure gold.

For further recommendations please read it Why I Recommend LinkedIn to Physicians.

2. Get your Fellows and Organization on One Page

If you’re a hospital, health center, or physician recruitment marketing on LinkedIn firm, you have already a company LinkedIn profile (don’t tell us you don’t!). Now, it’s time to make stronger your profile. Ensure it’s a convincing profile that really explores your company mission and successes.

Furthermore, your company profile start positioning itself and become a thinking leader in the industry. Start writing posts on relevant topics, and support colleague and workers to share the content for getting more traffic.

“Fortune 500 healthcare business said, over 60% of their new hiring in 2013 had been through the followers of the company page before hired.” For more information, read his complete article, “Win the Talent War by Getting People Using LinkedIn.”

3. Post your Jobs

A quick research shows that 188,159 jobs across the country are posted by well-known hospitals and clinics. If I’m a physician thinking my options for the future, LinkedIn is the best platform start looking, if only to research the market. And if some epic chance caught my eye, I’d click through.

With the lots of jobs posted, you might be anxious that market is over-saturated. But physician applicants can search their job by company and location, which will close the numbers down significantly and help them to find.

4. Participate in Group Discussions

As stated before, there are lots of M.D.s with LinkedIn profiles. But most of them are not permanent users. They’re participating to discussions and sharing information in group chats like MD’s Network, modernism in Health, and groups for Business Professionals & Doctors.

By following these discussions, you’ll find good ideas to handle physician related issues, and that’s priceless information for recruiters. Also, try to contribute unique things in group; it will be good to establish yourself, and your company, as an industry leader.

5. Sourcing & Introductions

Now physician recruitment marketing on LinkedIn is on its end. Obviously, if there are a high number of doctor CV's, reach out to them who appeal you most. To ensure you’re not wasting anyone’s time, research the candidate carefully and ensure they have the skill-set, employment history (and if possible, temperament) you seek. After your satisfaction give him/her a final interview call.

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